Hi, my name is Nicole

I’m originally from Germany and have recently moved to the USA. I have trained as a Jeweler in Germany and worked for one of the leading jewelers in Europe for 17 years, before making the decision to leave my career and focus on family. I now have two wonderful children and a brilliant husband.

The story of Oceanpuissance began on the East Coast at the beach, when my daughter suddenly handed my husband a piece of a shell. We were mesmerized by this simple piece of shell built from conchyn and aragonite, a small, unique piece of art from of the sea that captivated and inspired us.

Since that day he had been absolutely in love with his daughter's find. It quickly became clear to me that I was going to make a necklace out of this for my husband's birthday.

What do you see?

A woman who swims on her back in front of the waves of the ocean, a white fish that has opened its mouth to eat, an iceberg in the polar sea?

A work of art by the sea herself.

A few weeks later, during another walk on the beach, we found a piece of sea glass for the first time. Having never heard of this before, I began doing some research and quickly fell in love with the idea of ​​producing my own jewelry collection from it.

Whether because of the alleged esoteric effects of sea glass or simply because of its beauty, sometimes only revealed when light falls through it, I have seldom looked at expensive gemstones for as long as this gift of the seas.

Each of my pieces is a unique and beautiful gift from the sea, which I hand pick on the beaches myself, a guarantee I stand by.

I would be happy if I have made you a little curious, and hope you enjoy browsing my shop and all we have to offer.